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    I would like to present the inspiration for “Defender of the Realms.”

Caledonia, we know today as present day Scotland; a name given to the area North of Britannia by the Romans, an unforgivable land and people these decimators were unable to conquer and through only accounts of their oppressors would written records be known, thus a vague history formed of the Pictish people, also known as the Caledonii who occupied the Kingdom of the Picts.  By the year of 900AD this race and culture would literally be extinct.  The language would neither survive and eventually be replaced by Gaelic.

With so much mystery surrounding this period of Antiquity, and its people, you can see how exciting it would be for me to create my lore of Pre-Celtic time where an old volcanic mountain called Sidh Chailleann, translated as “Fairy Hill of the Caledonians,” rich in flora and fauna, ultimately may have swallowed her own history during the changing tides of religion.

The dates are uncertain when conversion to Christianity took place, but there is noted divisions where the Gaels would take the land above while Tuath De, tribes of the goddess – depicted as kings and heroes of the distant past accredited with supernatural powers, inhabit the otherworld below, a genuine battle of sorcery and if shown tribute the land would become theirs alone.

Romans built close to hundred mile walls to use as defense against the Picts, where the most Southern line would be depicted, ‘The Aelian Frontier’ and inscribed on this enormous barrier is the name Draconis:  In translation, ‘Property of…Draco,’ the Latin word for dragon.