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Fiction has a tendency to bear a ring of truth intentional or otherwise and here is my year in review … (I assure you this is the condensed version, hah!)

First, I am touched and honored by those who have followed me and I am loathe to admit my serious lack of attention to this site. Tears fill my eyes as I see my list of dedicated friends and fellow criers of the written word. Thank you is a small token of a much deeper appreciation I concede to you all.

My debut novel has been on hold for a short time now. Originally hoping to see it published by the end of June turned into the end of the 2015 year, moving itself into the new year of 2016. These goal setting deadlines have a way of being manipulated whether in our over active minds or by real-time events.

And I am okay with that. I have had my full manuscript requested for review and that by itself whether accepted or passed over is an accomplishment.

I understand and recognize my finished, finished product will be a much better version than my first completed draft.

Is this #5 I am working on? author typing

Maybe 6, I am not counting anymore.

Regardless there has been so much I have learned and continue to grow through. Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind is that long toll of the time clock.

You know the one we have punched for the majority of our grown-up lives. A schedule we learned to live by even in our earliest years. Get up by 7 a.m., shower, get dressed, eat, or not, and start the day, get it all done well and do it all over again.



Enter my new age …

As a writer dragging my fingers over the keyboard, revisiting monologues in my mind, reading countless novels every week, leaves not a lot of tangible evidence for others to view or witness. After all, my loved ones can only hear the same onerous tales a number of times and my individual excitement can hardly be recognized by those who cannot see this vision so blinding in my head that I struggle to clearly write down.


The monster in my brain leads me to believe they wonder what it is I do all the live-long-day.

Why am I not finished? Why am I trudging amidst the same mistakes? Who am I suppose to listen to? And why are they all bothering me? 

And then something magical happens – validation. A reminder to stay the course no matter how uncomfortable and unfamiliar the terrain might be for me.

Today my goal was to visit this page. And I am so happy I did. The avatars of my people, my peers greeted me in a hallowing welcome. I am honored dually.

So you wonder where this leads? Validation? Fictional truths?

History, as we know and know it, is being written and re-written in a rapid fashion. What we believed was, may very well be wrong. Sometimes these fictional places we see may not truly be so fantastical. As a writer to a writer, especially someone new and achingly making a desperate attempt to follow all the rules, the single most important element you must remember is stay true to your vision. Follow what you must to be clear, clean, concise, but never let other opinions deter you completely or get in your way. 


Everything has a way of falling together, especially if it is meant to be.

“Defender of the Realms,” is a paranormal romance. I make no claims to turn it into anything more. I have entered my little milky way into numerous venues and received a cataclysm of advice. Good and oh’ so ornery. I am open to it all. Yet we must remember these are fictional characters in a fictional realm in a generalized real location. I am not a historian, nor in my novels (and there will be novels) will you get a history lesson.

milky way.jpg

So this tidbit I found many months ago I am now presenting to my non- world believers. Our ancestors did not all live in hovels and forage as moles. To me it would seem that Ahearn is at this moment being unearthed.



“Defender,” has a bigger spectrum for me and though this series started as a trilogy the saga has taken me places I never, even as a dreamer, dreamt of going. I am looking to turn it into a Graphic Novel Series as well. The story has led me into Authorian tales. I swore to never write of this fabled King and admire him from afar, but alas it was not to be had. My story told itself.

In this year of discovery I attended workshops, conferences, webinars, entered and read for numerous contests and beta drove through many, many novels in similar stages of my own, above and below. I have opened myself to different genres and writing styles. I have queried and revised, finished another novel and began my debut’s sequel. Sounds like a feat, but I still feel as if I have under achieved my own self imposed ideology and deadlines.

Persevere, this I will do.

Happy Holidays to all and as ever I thank you!