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Two power houses indeed … and I work at improving this thing called – craft

I may well embarrass them both in my valiant, grappling attempts



Concept … Rome’s failure to conquer a mysterious kingdom, Pictland and her people.

Premise … An unwary woman inherits the faculties to alter a nations destruction through re-birth.

Log-Line … Kept oblivious of her destiny a young woman is fated to wed a stoic demi-god in Ancient Caledonia, unleashing forces meant to rob her of life, ultimately, joining both houses of the mortal and supernatural.

Expanded … A young woman kept oblivious from her destiny is fated as the Womb of New Life, committing her to wed a stoic demi-god of Caledonia, stealing her independence, whisking her into a foreign land, impelling her to come into her own as wicked changelings try to rob her of life. The last stand in joining both houses of the mortal and supernatural will force her husband to choose between immortality or the love of his new bride.

Beauty and the Beast meets demi-gods.

So much more than a paranormal romance novel.