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Me and my Paranormal Romance…

There is a lot to say when it comes to talking about getting to know your characters. Who are these people anyway? I am hesitant. I want my readers to develop their own imaginary depictions, not what I may see.

Recently while beta reading an author made Pinterest boards of her characters. And like a happy follower, I viewed the boards. Explosion, mind-blowing, heart-breaking, bereft. Hallelujah and Amen, I read the whole story first because it was a kick in the belly.

Those people were not the same individuals I imagined in my mind while reading. If I had seen these photos in the middle of reading the story, I might have bailed. There is a reason romance covers often cut off faces.

At first, I thought what an awesome idea. But then it made me think, do you want to see who I imagine? After all these people don’t exist, and the author is forced to drum up images of real individuals.

A member of my critique group cautioned me from the beginning, “Cast your story. If this were to be made into a movie who would your lead actors be?”

I must say the task was not any easy one and took many hours scouring the internet to come up with this small collage. These are different versions of the same leading characters. My Hero and Heroine and their horses. Lol!

There will be a day when this is in print; I promise you.


Defender Collage

P.s … Soon I may let you meet the family