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I cannot believe my pledge to become more diligent, at least a monthly visitor, to my personal blog has gone to pot. What does this say about me as a writer? Am I not dedicated? Do I not care? Am I saddened to think my story has not materialized, picked up by a big house and made into the next academy award winning movie, yet?


A bit of each I imagine or Aliens makes it a whole lot easier. I think always about what I am going to post or talk about and then, you guessed it, two months have past and I can barely remember my password. Of course I haven’t jotted the code anywhere with the million other combinations for each of my gazillion accounts. Why would I be so sane?

The one major accomplishment I have attained over my last post is casting away expectation and gaining intention. Doing away with these expectations that are unrealistic and weighing me down with their ugly attributes and come forth with a new outlook of intention. What is my intention for this site? I am going to start doing character evaluations/break downs. Sounds cool, yes? A sort of a meet & greet.


Currently, “Defender of the Realms” is undergoing a new critique/rewrite process and I will tell you the monotony is amazing. You learn so much by doing and redoing and never giving up, focusing forward and thriving in whatever you are amidst in the moment and being okay. My new team of RWA members are fabulous. In the past month I have BETA read five novels and reading another as I type this. No, not literally, but later this night I promise.

Let me not bore you another minute and let’s talk fun Scottish Facts.

Did you know…That Nessie ‘the Loch Ness Monster’ 1st showed up in the year 565AD after attacking a St. Columba follower in the loch? Well now that I do I am more inclined to believe her existence more than ever.loch-ness-monster

And who is St. Columba? A missionary who is thought to have brought Christianity to Scotland and is the Patron Saint of Derry. A man highly regarded by the Picts and the Gaels of Dal Riata. Pagans, heathens, cavemen, I think not. But the reference of a pagan is simply a person with religious beliefs other than those of main world religions. Tauroctony_2.jpg

Did you know…That the unicorn is Scotland’s official animal. And I read it on the internet so it must be true. I have a lot of explaining to give my granddaughter whom I vehemently denied unicorns were real and that, emphatically, they did not walk on rainbows. I should have known she was right. She is always correct.uni

Did you know…That Scotland has over 790 islands where only 130 of which are inhabited.map

Did you know…Skara Brae is the oldest Neothical settlement in Britain and dates back to 3100BC. OMG, I did not…this is not a wood long house by the way. And I say this because as we write fiction, writers become stodgy in their details forgetting fiction is the world we create. Not based off what we believe we think to know as history. Daily, old beliefs are being disproved and this history re-written. We do remember when we thought space travel was a hoot, right?skara_brae_1433838cI also write outside of this blog @americanwritersexposed.wordpress.com and @sunshinesent.com / upliftingquotesdaily.com (this I do daily, shocker, I know)

Meanwhile-Write On-<3 Jessica