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Ready for a great debate? 

  1. Which POV (point of view) do you enjoy reading most?
  2. Which genre do you prefer?
  3. How do you like your eggs?
  4. Do you even like eggs?
  5. Do you prefer different POVs for different genres?
  6. If you are a writer have you opened yourself to appreciate the written word in every way, shape or form, POV & genres be damned?
  7. As a writer do you swap points of view and/or genres?
  8. Did you know I spent 2 hours on this post and deleted the original version? (true that)

giphy (8)

I recently have spent some quality groupie chick, fan girling and ended up down a craft class highway I never knew existed. My story “Defender” has split into a completely different novel. Oh’ “Defender” is still alive and kicking, just pausing, always ready to explode, while I dabble in 1st person.


Crazy and unexpected and way out of anything I thought to ever pen. But we’ve all heard the adage, “Never, say never.” (true that)

So curiously…about those questions??

Write On! ❤ Jess

PS…Why is it so hot in here?