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I’ve been no stranger in shrieking my most favorites in the world when it comes to writing coaches, in case you missed them, Larry Brooks & Kristen Lamb! I have indulged in class after class after class with each and am still engrossed when they open their mouths, giggling inside like a schoolgirl or shrinking in my chair if they should have need to call upon me.

They are both to the point and speak in easy-to-understand terms for the laymen who require the “For Dummies” series, such as moi.

Kristen has a book called, “Are You there blog? It’s me, Writer.” Can you say…STORY of my life? (with my social media) The title alone makes me laugh and cry. So here I am @ jessicaedouard.com dusting off the bookshelves and would like you to know WHAT I’ve been up to…


(Yes, that’s me stuck on the barrel)

Seriously though…its said writing devours approximately 75,000 “apprenticeship” hours before you get it, that’s like, 10 years…and I’m a believer, even if my hours are a wee bit off, resembling those expectations I have a tendency to stumble over.

In December of 2016, I had a phone conference with Kristen and she blew my “Defender” series into twelve new story ideas…why would I settle for 1?

Here are the classes Kristen offers on W.A.N.A her website for We Are Not Alone dedicated to guess who? Writers of all species! I wish I’d found both of these coaches much earlier in my adventure. If you are going to spend $$$ do so wisely with Larry or Kristen. Best advice EVER! (I promise)

Let’s begin with Kristen’s simplified recipe for every story…The 1st task we should undertake no matter how we classify our writing styles.

OUR log-line…

Interesting Protagonist + Problem (ACTIVE VERB/ANTAG) + Stakes/Ticking Clock

We’ve got nothing if we can’t master this and why begin a 75,000+ word journey before we can master our log-line in a sentence or synopsis in a paragraph. I mean if I get stuck on that elevator and need to pitch, long before my story may be completed, being concise will be key, also keeping my intense need for word vomit at bay.

My new historical romance in WIP state is …”Love Does Not Whisper,” a new twist on Robin Hood.

Pretending you’ve asked me what I’m working on, Whoomp, there it is…

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L1) Unwanted and ignored the kleptomaniac bastard daughter (Protagonist) of King Johen is forced to marry (Active Verb) the High Reeve of Nottingham as payment to ensure the capture (Active Goal) of the bandit (Antagonist) raiding the Greenwood before precious jewels from the holy land are delivered to England and her secret life revealed. (Ticking Clock)

Expanded into a single paragraph synopsis…

S1) A kleptomaniac bastard with a fear of crowds vows to avenge the death of her betrothed, blaming her father. The fact she is King Johen’s daughter and forced to wed the Sheriff of Nottingham is a mere blip in her carefully laid out plans. While trouble brews within the forests of Sherwood she uses the opportunity to escape the clutches of both men but falls into a worse fate, revealing her secrets, a man she believed dead, and unveiling corruption within the church that may see her beheaded.

In Larry’s version…

Core Dramatic Thread-Is Robin Hood flesh and blood or a myth?

Concept-What if Robin Hood was a person within the king’s household or employ? More than one person or a movement?

Premise-Royal hijinks, social anxiety, and love. Sacrificed in marriage to the new sheriff of Nottingham, the bastard daughter of King Johen must keep her kleptomania a secret while evading both men or see her secret life discovered.

And then of course adding the flubber is the good part…

To be continued…Write On! ❤ Jess