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Year 2017 my how you haunteth’ me. 


I find it hard to believe this past year has come and long gone and while I know we are sick of reading the newest “New Year” revelations, I am destined to drivel that mine.

#WhatTheHeck happened? 

Writing has hovered like an incessant gnat making me cross-eyed over these past few months. Life’s otherwise difficulties dive bombed any thoughts or inclinations for me to ‘type’ it out and here we are a full week into the month of January. 

“I think I can” left the moment I signed up for NaNoWriMo and, “I think I didn’t” raised a fluorescent flag come to the end of the month. The ordeal began with a successful writing sprint, November 3rd, among my peers never finding paper again.

My will and desire to pen thoughts did not disappear. My beautiful outline waves in the distance. She will be written, and so I declare Feb’yoWriMo for me. I need these last days of January to regain my rhythm, pick up my blogging pace, let my fellow thespians, ‘life is an acting job,’ restore their belief in my dedication and, perhaps, thou art me.

I not only say goodbye to what was in the year two-thousand seventeen, I wish most to let those lost know precisely how much I cared. Onward I go with your smile in my heart and love, my, how I loved thee.


Truly-<3 Jess